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About me

My pho­to­graphs cap­ture mo­ments in the lives of un­der­priv­i­leged peo­ple in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries or from a social difficult background and to advocate for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason. I strive to com­bine the aes­thet­ics and ex­pres­sive pow­er of pho­tog­ra­phy with the goal of lett­ing the world know about so­cial, ecol­o­gi­cal and eco­nom­ic in­jus­ti­ces.
The basis of my photographic work is the respect and love towards the people whose picture I am taking, no matter how well I know them, and no matter the circumstances. I “connect” and I want to make a photograph when I see a certain “attitude of the heart”, conveyed through a gesture, a facial expression, the body language or the posture and appearance.
As I love to observe, I do not direct anybody, and I don’t create or impose special situations or positions. I always work with the existing light and space. This way I perceive every good photograph as a present, gratefully, offered to me as the photographer as well as to the person in front of my lens.

Dana Rösiger
born 28.6.1974
Countries and Projects since 2009:
Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Romania, Serbia, South Africa