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Live in the present and make sure you are happy

Dana · May 20, 2020 · Personal Life, Women Football · 0 comments

Decision between Soccer and Tennis

Martina is from Heilbronn. Then she also played tennis. She used to be very good in both — soccer and tennis. At one point, it turned out to be too much with both trainings and she had to decide for one of it — she chose soccer. Why? That is quite simple: “Football is a winning team; you celebrate your wins altogether. In tennis you are standing alone with everything.  

Good Performance kills Prejudices 

Martina plays soccer for more then 19 years! She started at the age of 6. She only played with boys, no matter where — on the football ground or in unions. In the start, they didn’t take her seriously, but when they saw her kicking, they started to worship her. Performance kills prejudices! Her life theme: Live now, in the presence and make sure to be happy. Her dream for the future is to develop forward and solidify — in job and in football.

Soccer helps to grow as a person 

Through playing soccer, Martina was able to grow as a person. She learned to stand up and keep her head up. She can aim at her targets and reach them. All that she learned on the football field. In her chest there is beating an warrior’s heart. Although resistances can be terrible experiences for her, they are finally making her stronger. But you have to go through them and master the upcoming challenges. Why did she decided to play goalie? Quite simple: In the F-Youth they just put her there.  

The pitch is her playground

On the field Martina feels good, simply happy. She is letting go everything else: her everyday life, her job, sorrows. She feels free on the pitch. She always loved to kick the ball and to play within a team. Soccer plays a very important role in her life — it put her where she is now. She does not have real role models, but there are people, she is admiring. She likes goal keepers like Baumann, Ter Stegen and Joe Hart. And in everyday life Martina is looking up to her parents.

Her dream for herself

Steady entries are what Martina is most wishing for herself as a player. When she was injured, it was very important to practice and play and play. She doesn’t waste much thoughts on the out strange and other clubs — Martina fully have to concentrate on the here and now.  

How to master lost games

There are different kinds of hammerings— some are deserved, others not. Some of them really hurt, especially, when the team played well. If they lost undeserved, Martina tries to forget as fast as possible. But of course she sees the point that they must analyze the mistakes to learn and develop.   

The wish for female soccer 

For female soccer Martina wishes more attention. Society mainly is talking about male football. It is not seen, that girls are investing the same effort to have a high performative level! It would be nice, if the power and the strength behind the scenes would be visible and recognized.




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