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Giving up? There is no such thing!

by Dana· September 19, 2018· in · 0 comments
In June 2017 I was the last one who arrived in Arusha to join the highest altitude game of football with Equal Playing Field. Actually I was assigned to another group but Laura Youngson approached me and pulled me into the Warthogs. A colorful mix of one co-founder, former international players, female FIFA representative from Australia, my backpack-buddy and filmmaker, a lovely French piper, our wise doctor and these two young chicks from Jordan. I thought: wow really? Haneen and Yasmeen, Ying and Yang. Young and yet so mature in mind. On the way to their challenge of their life. There were enough reasons to give up, but many more to go on. And within a year I experienced a wonderful development of both. And these to youngsters became co-organizers of Equal Playing Field Jordan. Yasmeen M. Shabsough or Shabsi as we call her lovingly. She was 5 years old when she first started to play football. Most of her time with her brothers and cousins, but today only she is playing still. It was hard to play football as a girl but her family was her backbone always. Their support helped Shabsi to continue going. Besides all obstacles her mum made […]
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