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I‘ve always been very fascinated by the history of the Arab countries. The Arab peoples have some of the most diverse and colourful stories, fairy tales and legends in the world. As a child I devoured them all. And it was Syria that I longed for most. The year my grandfather died, I had to get out and free myself from my grief. A change of scenery always helped me work through things. So I packed my things and was on my way to my dream from 1001 nights. To a country with its variety of landscapes, rich cultural heritage and above all great cordiality.   Damascus, for me one of the most beautiful cities in the Orient Ah, Damascus, ancient city and the most oriental I’ve ever seen. It smells like strong coffee and tastes like cardamom. The old town around the Omajaden Mosque looks exactly as you would expect it to. Narrow alleys, narrow passages, every now and then a minaret flashes above the roofs and sometimes you look into a house, into an inner courtyard and there the fountain splashes softly. A jumble of small streets where it is fun to get lost. Especially in the evening, […]
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