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Football Twins And The Familiar Side Of Soccer

September 27, 2019 · Women's Football

I am quite sure, that even our first word was ball! 

Double kick: Studying economical Education and playing Football professionally 

Fabienne Dongus is coming from the Black Forest. Her identical twin sister Tamar and she are playing soccer since they are 5. She is the older one — 2 minutes! Football is the only sport that they have ever practiced. Their parents were very good in volleyball, but when they were little, that was way to difficult for them. Somehow, they started with soccer — and it turned out to be their big passion. They have a strong connection to the ball, even the first word they spoke was ‘ball’ if Fabi remembers correctly. So she is professionally kicking, and also studying economical education. That is already her second academic study, before that she finished a dual one in the banking sector. 

Fabienne and Tamar — like an old married Couple 

They are very close, Tamar and Fabienne. 24 years long, they nearly did everything together. And it was possible — because in female soccer things are still going quite familiar ways. Their coach was aware of their talent and therefore he didn’t want them to stay in a lower league. He called a talent scout that came to see them playing. With 18 they joined TSG Hoffenheim.    

Their Individuals as autonomous Parts 

They did nearly everything together: dual academic studies in banking, even working in the same bank office, playing soccer together, doing the same things in the childhood, at the same time, altogether. But one day Tamar told Fabienne, that she wanted to make a cut and go abroad. She has always been the more adventurous part of the twins. And then, with that decision, things started to develop, and Tamar landed in Florence, Italy. Well the two single parts of the former twin sister couple are now growing personally — becoming more autonomous for oneself, each.

Long time of Togetherness 

For 24 years they had been like one heart, one soul. For Fabi the separation was very hard in the start, because places here have so much memories of them together and all the people kept on asking for her. Also Tamar had challenges growing into her new life. But now, both doing quite fine.  

Their soccer career had mostly an easy flow — without Resistances 

Really, they never had to master any difficult resistances as soccer playing girls. Everything turned out positive quite easily for them. Their parents always accompanied and supported their passion. Sometimes people maybe did not take them very seriously — but that never played an important role. They were loved and supported by their environment. Everything turned out as it had to be and as they wished it to: They wanted to go to Hoffenheim, it worked out. They wanted to do dual academic studies together, it worked out. Fabi wanted to study economical education, it worked out. Tamar wanted to go abroad and it worked out! 

Fabienne can feel an uprising Change in society’s opinion about female soccer 

Ago, when Fabi was telling people, that she was playing soccer professionally, they used to laugh. Sometimes they heard rejecting comments, which were not open-minded or friendly at all. The twins just ignored them. Today it’s different: People start acknowledging women’s football, the power and performance. Now, many of them are quite impressed about what women are capable to do. Fabi feels things changing positively for female football in society. And today people are more appreciating and worshiping the sport, showing real interest! But in women’s soccer everything is a little more familiar, still!

As Co-Captain, Fabienne wants to be a Role Model within the Team 

How is she regarding her role as captain within the team? She wants to be a role model — on the field she delivers full power and high engagement.  Being a captain and a guide is fulfilling her. It is funny, because she grew into that role by chance — she feels fully responsible, and is loving it! 

The Gift of Soccer

Through soccer Fabi became way more athletic. That is a big factor — power workouts are building a solid ground for good performance. The training is very structured, everything is building up on each other. In her youth, she learned a lot of discipline skills through soccer and her private environment and she was ambitious enough, to accomplish these targets. Through the sport she was able to develop more social competence. It is all about teamwork! Her favorite football player is Mats Hummels.    

You can learn more from a Battering than from a Win 

Fabienne is convinced that you learn much more from a battering than from a win. Of course, when you are winning, you are in a good mood and everything everything looks bright. But she thinks, hammering plays a very important part in bettering the own abilities. You can really grow by failure. And anyway, it is not possible, to play a full season without losing a game — she is quite relaxed about it.   

Fabienne’s wish for her further Football Career? 

Her coach is telling her that she is talented — walking the line between genius and madness. She thinks, she has a good understanding for the game, and quite anticipate eyes and perception. But on a technical level she thinks she can develop a lot still. About her future bettering she is very confident, because she is a fighter and fully engaged. She wants to achieve her targets without becoming dogged. You must stand on the ground with both feeds. Always.

To play in the first German soccer league is a dream, that came into life, it is a really fantastic feeling, to have achieve that! My sister Tamar and I are also having a close goal: A win against the team of Bavaria Munich. So let’s see!”